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Get the perfect
look for any occasion

Personal styling for your next event

Find the perfect outfit for a variety of occasions

Girls at Bachelorette Party

Wedding Events

Group Photo at a Party

Birthday Party

Model in Swimwear


Concert Audience

Other Events

How the process works

3 simple steps to get your perfect look


Sign up for your consultation with me for a short introduction and to establish your vision.


I will do all the shopping and find the perfect outfits for your event.


Receive your package of outfits and enjoy your event.

My background

I'm Jenna Jones, and I look forward to making you feel special for your next event. With years of experience working alongside talented designers, collaborating with various brands, and styling girls at the highest level, I have gained the experience to create the perfect looks for all situations! My passion lies in helping girls like you unlock their true fashion potential, so let's work together to make you feel special and create unforgettable looks.

Are you ready to create your unforgettable looks? 

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